About me:

Some infos about me. The last official bio isn't included here.
I think it's pretty fun to read the oldest ones I could find.

The latest one can easily be found online anyways and is included in my press pack. The old ones not so much.  So I do it that way, just  because for the fun of it... :)  

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Playing music from x to y in z...

I was very fortuante to play in dozens and dozens and dozens of wondeful countries around the globe. However at some point the schedule was so hard it nearly broke me. Once I had 5 gigs in 7 days and the route was "Brazil -> Germany -> Mayday -> Australia -> Japan. That time was pretty hardcore.

Do I miss travelling the world the whole time? No.
I miss a lot of the people I met though. I also don't have the stamina anymore to pull such a schedule off like the one I had. Right now it's -  (ahem, was...before Covid-19, we'll see what will happen...) - relaxed and easy. I like that I still play in different countries quite regulary but I don't like the travelling so much anymore like I did back in the days. 

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Platform B / Munich, Germany (mid 2000s...)